5 Herbs for Kitchen Gardens

1) Tulsi (Holy Basil)

  • Cures fever

  • Beat stress

  • Heals respiratory condition

  • Helps to quit smoke

  • Cures headache

 2) Lemon Grass

  • Treats stomach ache, fever and cold

  • Use in teas ( lemon flavouring)

  • Use as antiseptic or astringent

  • Reduce cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

  • Treats Achy Joints( Rheumatism)


3) Amba Haldi - Turmeric or Mango Ginger

  • Add in Tea to taste gooood

  • Use to make Pickles ,Chutneys, Dal, sambar, Curry.

  • Good for skin disorders, strains, cold and flu symptoms

  • Good Antioxidants, against allergies of throats.

  • Helps in digestion, cure ulcers

 4) Mint

  • Fight pains and aches

  • Relieves Indigestion

  • Gives you glowing skin and acne free skin

  • Relieves Oral Infections

  • Beats morning sickness in pregnant women

  • Boost immunity

 5) Coriander

  • Treats diarrhea, mouth ulcers

  • Good source for anemia

  • Reduce Cholesterol level in blood

  • Clear up Skin disorders

  • Great source for bone regrowth and durability

  • Good for eyes


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