5 Yoga Poses to Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice, the ultimate goal of yoga is liberation “Moksha”. In modern era, yoga is helpful for us in relaxing and many other ways. Yoga can be practiced by everyone.


Top benefits of performing yoga in daily life are Stabilising Mental and Physical Health, Peaceful Mind, Good health, uniting body, mind and breathe, glowing beautiful skin, fitness.



Lie on your stomach with legs stretched out and place your palms underneath each shoulder. Make sure your chin and toes are touching the floor. Inhale slowly and raise your chest while bending it back toward your hips. Bring your arms straight with palms still flat on the floor. Hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds. Exhale slowly, returning your body to flat on your stomach on the floor. Repeat pose five times, with 15 second breaks in between.



Lie on your stomach to start. Stretch your legs out and have arms straight on each side of the body. Bend your knees and reach your arms back toward them. Grasp your feet and hold. Inhale and lift your head. Try to lift legs up and bend head backward. Hold for 30 seconds. Remember to breathe normally. Repeat five times, with 15 second breaks in between.



Lie flat on your back with legs together and stretched out. Your arms should be at your sides. Inhale and begin to raise legs, keeping them straight. Try to raise legs as high as you can while stretching your feet and toes. Bring straight arms up and attempt to reach your toes. Create a 45 degree angle with your body. Hold for 15 seconds while breathing normally. Relax. Exhale. Repeat five times, with breaks in between.


Start on hands and knees, with hands below shoulders and knees directly below hips. Tuck toes under and work feet backward until legs are extended behind the body. Next, inhale and look at the floor just in front of your palms. Be sure your neck and spine are aligned and pull in abdominal muscles. Hold for 30 seconds. For better results, hold the position longer. Repeat five times, making sure to breath deeply and relax for 15 seconds in between repetitions.


Wind Easing Posture


While lying flat on your back, stretch legs out and put arms out to sides. Keep feet stretched out with heels touching. While exhaling, bend knees and bring them toward your chest. Use thighs to apply pressure to the abdomen, then clasp hands behind thighs to hold them in place. Hold the pose for 90 seconds after breathing deeply. As you exhale, release your knees and bring hands to the sides of your body. Do this five times with at least 15 seconds between each repetition.


Yoga poses can be good for the body in more than the initially intended ways. Learning more yoga poses can help you accomplish these particular ones, tone your belly and improve muscle tone in other areas of the body as well.




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