Are you using best oil for cooking? Check now

Oils used for cooking every day is extracted from vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, from coconut oil to olive oil the way they extract is different. A few decades ago oils are extracted by the no machinery process but it's all automatic now, oils go through different torture and finally packed, displayed on the racks of the supermarket.

Refined oils:

Any oil which is labeled as refined would have gone through all chemical process which is literally harmful to us, refined oils are treated with alkali, acid or bleached. It is also deodorized according to flavors, with a chemical Hexane. Do you want to know how is refined oil processed? Click Here

So the question running in your mind is Which oil should I use for cooking?”

The healthy alternative oil is Wood pressed/Cold pressed oil - local name “Chekku Ennai”.

It is a traditional method of extraction of oil from seed, Cold pressed oil is pressed at room temperature without roasting seeds, the oil temperature is low and the acid value is also relatively low, hence oils are extracted in a much healthier process. Once the seeds are pressed, oil settles, it is just filtered and bottled. This oil is unrefined and sold without additives. The production method is different in cold pressed oil, unlike refined oils they are not tortured, bleached. To be honest, cold pressed oil are the best cooking oil because it contains all nutrients.

Doctors, Nutritionist suggest Organic wood pressed/cold pressed oils are the best alternative to refined oils.


Benefits of Wood pressed oil/Cold pressed oil

  • In Refined oil, antioxidants are destroyed by heat, but it is retained in cold pressed oil, fights harmful free radicals and prevents the growth of tumors.
  • Naturally processed oils maintain their levels of essential fatty acids, they are Omega-3 and Omega-6

  • Organic Wood pressed oils are free from pesticides and harsh chemicals, nutrients fully remain.

  • Organic wood pressed coconut oil are the healthiest oil on the planet, the lauric acid in coconut is active, this compound is found in human breast milk too.

  • Organic wood pressed groundnut oil is rich in minerals and vitamins, this helps to stabilize blood sugars.

  • Cold pressed oil/ Wood pressed oil completely free from harmful effects that come from conventional methods of oil extraction.

  • No presence of saturated fats and trans fats.

  • They are not refined, processed, deodorized. The natural aroma and flavor are retained.

  • Cholesterol free, do not contain harmful solvent residues

Wood pressed oils/ Cold pressed oils are not treated in chemicals like refined oils, so exposure to air, heat, light temperature in both environmental and cooking, can make them taste & smell bad. Hence, it is wise to buy in smaller quantities and store in air-tight containers

Best replacement for Olive oil

We Indians are slowly waking up and going back to our traditional, old age methods in the food sector. Meanwhile many adopt olive oil in food because it contains numerous health benefits. For all of them, we have a happy & healthy information, our very own traditional organic sesame oil is no way inferior to olive oil, cold/wood pressed sesame oil smells and taste better than olive oil, it's the best substitute for olive oil.


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