Bad Eating Habits to be changed Immediately

1) Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is most important meal in everyones day, it has been said in many ways but still there are millions of people skipping breakfast and suffering their later stages. The word clearly states “Break the fast”, but many fail to do it.  Effects of skipping breakfast are very worse like falling into Obesity, Irregularities in Menstrual, Getting tired soon, bad mood, physical side effects.

2) Concentrate on what you eat

99% of humans fail to watch what they eat literally, which means watching TV while eating, Chatting, checking your phones, not paying attention to your food. This habit will make you feel as if you're not satisfied with your food nor feeling full, hence it will cause you to overeat. So enjoy your food when eating and do not forget to appreciate the cook the delicious food.


3) Avoiding Color Vegetables and Fruits

Now a days we are behind fast food which is completely junk, we are not concentrating on coloured vegetables and fruits. Doctors advise to take coloured vegetables which is not only attractive they are highly healthy too, these foods are filled with nutritious, flavonoids and carotenoids.

4) Improper Chewing

“More you chew the food, more healthy you are”, Many research papers say improper chewing leads to indigestion and can affect nutrition as well.  Longer chewing will increase in  absorption of protein, also some minerals and vitamins.



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