Best Natural Ways to Stay Away From Dengue - Easy and Quick Solutions


Monsoon is here we always enjoy it, sun goes mild, its treat to our eyes looking lush green everywhere, refreshing wind. Apart from all this there are danger diseases that comes along with monsoons, dengue is most fatal of them.

Starting from viral fever it grows upto dengue, malaria, brain fever, that's really an alarming diseases sometimes it leads to death. It is always good to prevent it before we suffer. Here are few tips to get away dangerous mosquitoes from our houses.

Aedes aegypti is responsible for transmitting dengue virus between people. Other mosquitoes are also contributing in transferring viruses but they are not as worse as dengue. These mosquitoes breed in open water containers, tyres, piles of waste, open sewage. It is always advisable to throw away these useless containers that helps to stop mosquitoes breeding. Clean Environment leads to Healthy life.



Below given is the effective natural and non harmful ways to prevent us from mosquitoes.


  1. Neem Oil:  Mosquitoes can be kept away by Neem, a natural insecticides Apply neem oil on your exposed skin to prevent mosquito bites.

  2. Camphor: Camphor is the best and strongest natural mosquito repellent, camphor can be burned in closed room to keep mosquitoes away or drop two to three camphors in a bowl filled with water.

  3. Mixture of Eucalyptus oils and lemon:  Both has got high quantity of cineole which is effective mosquito repellent and antiseptic. Mix both lemon syrup and eucalyptus oil, apply on the skin. Then no worries about mosquitoes.

  4. Garlic: This powerful species has got strong pungent smell, this smell will prevent us from mosquitoes. Crush few garlic pods and add them to boiling water, now spray this mixture around the room. No doubt mosquitoes will run away.

  5. Lavender Oil: Lavender flavour is loved by humans especially women and the flavour is utilized by us in aromatherapy, because of its popular healing properties. Mosquitoes are repelled by the the smell of lavender oil, dab some oil on a piece of cloth or cotton balls place it near the doors and windows of your room.

  6. Mosquito repellent plants: It is always good to grow plants in our garden, there is a belief that planting around our house will cause mosquito problems, well not exactly. There are mosquito repellent plants which keeps mosquitoes away from us. Planting citronella, mint, tulsi and marigold, trees like lemon and neem are good mosquito repellent.

  7. Mosquito Nets: Olden days mosquito nets were popularly used in our homes, its a effective preventive method during nights. Nets made from organic fibre is still available in market. Start using it !!


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