Bleached Vs Unbleached Flour

Flour is the most common ingredient used in every home and consumed by every human through different recipes. Flour always remains in white, thats how we got fixed with this myth even though many of us know white flour is not good for our health. However bleached  is more worse, during ancient times people took unbleached flour, was always milled flour looks in pale yellow colour.

This Yellow colour milled flour (unbleached) turns white when more chemicals are added as bleaching agent, hence it is called as bleached flour.

Bleached Flour

Bleached flour is made by harmful chemicals, the major problem with this flour is, a byproduct “Alloxan” is used. Alloxan is used to cultivate diabetes in lab animals(rat, mice) for animal testing, this same product is used to bleach flour. We are eating the same bleached flour which is a key to bring in Diabetes within us.  Some of the bleaching agents used are Chlorine, Benzoyl Peroxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Calcium Peroxide, etc. By using these bleaching agents we tend to loose below listed nutrients 

  • Loses all Vitamin E

  • 80% of Iron

  • 50% of Calcium

  • 50% beneficial unsaturated fatty acids

  • 99% of Magnesium

  • 50% to 80% Vitamin B

  • 70% of Phosphorus

Unbleached flour

Unbleached flour is making a comeback in the market, however few people got some attention towards unbleached flour which was consumed in ancient days.  Unbleached flour contains more nutritional facts, these nutritions makes our body and mind stay healthy and fit. Unbleached flour is not bleached flour using chemicals,  hence it contains loads of nutritions and helps us to stay away from various disease. Its always wise and good to choose unbleached flour.

This flour contains all Vitamins, Minerals, No pesticides, No toxic additives, No Chemical bleaching, No enriching, No Chemical preservatives or additives.

Remember when you look on the flour label, if it is not mentioned as unbleached or bleached then it is for sure “Bleached Flour”. When your flour is unbleached, then it is not bleached with chemicals.


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