Do you know how to choose original honey ? We help you!

Wild Raw Honey

Wild raw organic honey is completely different from normally processed honey which is commonly found on the racks of supermarkets, the big difference is that processed honey is heated, that saves money and time during the honey production process, also it destroys minerals, natural enzymes and Vitamin B6 that are found in wild raw organic honey. Hence it is always wise to choose Wild Raw Honey which is pure honey


How Sugar replaced Honey?

No big surprise - We Indian’s love sweet tooth, although not all but most of us will fall for the sweet tooth. Having an attraction to sweet flavors, and thus sugars have been an evolutionary benefit for thousand of years but a huge disadvantage to our population over past century.


As like any other product in the market “Honey” is also badly adulterated, how do we get honey priced cheaper than a face cream? It is only because of Sugar, as sugar is a cheap commodity and sugar processing became more advanced it is been used to make unhealthy honey or namesake honey.  Cheap honey’s with attractive bottles are complete “Sugar syrups” not real honey.


What is Raw Honey?

Honey, nectar from flowers is called raw honey that is unheated, pure honey, unpasteurized and unprocessed they contain high medicinal values and undoubtedly healthy. This type of honey holds all the natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, other nutritional elements. Pure (raw) honey plays a vital role in healing, health, and medicinal benefits. It can be either in liquid or creamed solid form, it colours vary from white to yellow to even brown, raw honey is normally opaque, milky or clear kind. The property and colour of raw honey will depend on the type of flower that the nectar came from.  


Raw Honey Health Benefits

Organic honey(unprocessed) reduces the risk of cancer and heart attack, because of antioxidants and flavonoid in them, they also help to boost our immune system.

Organic Raw honey has proven that it reduces the presence of gastrointestinal disorders and ulcers

In Ayurveda, pure honey is used as medicine since ancient times to cure throat infections, cough, allergies, mild respiratory disorders and it is still followed.

Natural honey helps to regulate blood sugar levels naturally, though it is high in antibacterial properties it can heal and acts as a mild antiseptic that can sterilize burns and cuts when applied.

Best for skin care, it naturally moisturizes your skin and makes your skin glow. It treats acne to prevent premature aging and boosts skin complexion.


Buy pure honey online or at your neighbor organic stores, there are few brands which provide pure honey. Surf more and find the unpasteurized honey, unprocessed honey, organic honey in Chennai, India.


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