Expert Tips for Growing your own Organic Produce

Just put to use these time-saving ideas to grow your own organic produce. They're guaranteed to give you more time to enjoy and less stress about what you haven't done yet.


1. Cease to use chemically supported pesticides and sprays in and around your entire garden. Strictly follow the organic footpath by saying no to chemical pesticides.

2. Start small, 20 square foot will be prompt to start with. Preferably find a right spot that ideally has sunlight at all seasons in your yard. If you are not lucky enough to find one you can manage with what you got.

3. Remove unwanted plants and debris which will provide more space for new plants to grow.

4. Cover the area which you chose to start with organic material such as dry leaves, dried straw grass and dead plant waste either from your own or neighbours pesticide free gardens.

5. Get a bag of good compost, preferably vermicompost from trusted providers. Spread this in thin layers all over your garden. You will be fertilising your soil with all matter of soil organisms, little bugs, earthworms and other highly beneficial life forms that will enrich your soil.

6. Use a stick or shovel to mix the top 3 inches of soil and organic substance. Burying the organic material  deeper cuts oxygen for small living things which support germination.

7. Keep the soil damp like a sponge, not slushy because you need air in the soil for life.

8. Never walk on your soil. Use something to kneel like a plywood to avoid compacting the soil. Create the minimum width paths to be able to reach from both sides of the bed.

9. Grow vegetables in 4" square pots fix it as a template. Make a hole slightly larger than the root, squeeze the sides of the pot to remove the plant, moisten the root, push its roots sideways and plant it. Spread organic material like leaves or straw around its surface to keep the soil moist underneath. Water the root with a slow drip to allow air to be supplied down after the water.

10. Start your own compost heap at a corner place of your garden. Just use only organic material to heap, keeping it as moist as possible. Light dust the compost periodically to the soil around your plants. 


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