Fruits and Vegetables with more Pesticides


Pesticides are mixture of worlds most chemicals used on farms to prevent or destroy weeds, insects and pests affecting crops. It clearly says eating non organic food is equal to eating worst chemicals in the world.

Below listed fruits and vegetables are concentrated highly with Pesticides, hence its advisable to go by Organic produce( free from any pesticides). By picking organic vegetables and fruits we are gained by with more nutritions.


Fruits and Vegetables have nutrients and health benefits everyone deserves, Environmental Working Group says we can reduce 80% of pesticide consumption by picking Organic fruits and vegetables.

  1. Potatoes

  2. Peaches

  3. Spinach

  4. Tomatoes

  5. Apples

  6. Cucumbers

  7. Strawberries

  8. Nectarines

  9. Grapes

  10. Celery

  11. Sweet Bell Peppers

  12. Peas

  13. Hot Peppers/Chillies

  14. Cabbages

  15. Brinjal

  16. Bendi

  17. Banana

  18. Cauliflower

Tips: Soak and wash vegetables and fruits before use, peel the skin to avoid consuming maximum pesticide. It is always advisable and better to choose Organic Vegetables and Fruits.

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