Life Saver - a bowl of Organic Quinoa seeds

Quinoa is pronounced as “Keen-wah”, this whole grain is 5000 years old grain packed with nutrients and proteins. Organic Quinoa is easy to cook, included in all meals, perfect healthy food to take it everyday to save your life from heart diseases and cancer.

Plain organic quinoa makes a simple and fantastic side dish, it is also a common ingredient in whole grain breads, also combined with other cereals. It gives nutty flavour and easy to chew, organic quinoa are tiny beads it expands 4 times bigger  when it cooks.  This is exceptionally healthy because it is packed with all essential amino acids, gluten free, 220 calories(a cup), rich in fibre, protein, vitamins, nutrients that your body needs.

A research done by Harvard Public School of health has identified that daily eating a bowl of organic quinoa prevents premature death from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases by 17 percent, this acts as a life saverto people who drinks, smokes as well.

In fact every whole grains are really healthy to us, such as oats and wheat are top beneficial whole grains it keeps organ healthy, cures and prevent illness.


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