Multigrain and Whole Wheat: What's the Difference?

Multi grain Foods

Category of food containing more than one type of grain is called Multi grain. This category of multi grain includes grains such as Oats, buckwheat, cracked wheat, flax and millet. Some multi grain food includes whole grain ingredients but it is not a necessity that the food contains whole grain ingredients. When it is stated specifically as having whole grains it can be either refined grains or whole grains.

Multi grain foods have two or more types of grains but can extend up to 12 different types of grains. These multi grain foods are very healthy and provide a dark texture and rich flavour to products made with them.

To maximize your health benefits of a multi grain food, check for the word 'whole' on the package. This is just to ensure that the grains in this food are all whole grains. Some of the common sources of multi grain foods include breads, cereals and flours.


Whole Wheat Foods

Whole wheat food refers to the whole wheat grain. Grains which are defined as whole wheat should contain the endosperm, bran and germ. Contrary to the situation many processed or refined version of wheat contain only the endosperm without germ.

Whole wheat food is beneficial to the body because it can help prevent heart disease, reduce your chances of certain cancers, in particular colon cancer and reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it is also rich in vitamin B and fiber. Whole wheat food has shown to help individuals lose weight. At most grocery stores, and online stores you will be able to find whole wheat products.


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