Raw food diet over cooked food

People are converting from conventional to organic food and more are following raw organic food diet. The reason behind this huge conversion is everyone trying to improve their health through adopting better eating habits. We will discuss in detail about why so many people are choosing raw foods diet over cooked food, what are the benefits, and tips on how to start eating a mainly raw food diet.

Health conscious foodies mainly eat 75% raw foods and the strong reason behind is, food stays in the natural state when they are raw and that’s how nature designed them. The raw food is biocompatible with our bodies, making it easier to digest. When food is cooked it generates new compounds which make our body hard to process and digest. This adds to our toxic load to process and makes it harder for our immune system to work effectively. The white blood cells become hyperactive which means that the food is seen as an invader in the body.

Raw foods maintain their enzymes healthy and because enzymes are our life force and our bodies need them in order to absorb vitamins and minerals. Over a certain temperature, the enzymes die when food is heated and it becomes harder for our bodies to extract the nutrition from foods. Raw foods nourish our enzymes store and help us to remain healthy and slow down the aging process.

Many people are negative inspired on eating a raw food diet as they imagine they’ll just be eating salads all day long and what they do not realize is that in fact, they can have a whole variety of organic nuts, grains, seeds, and a vast array of delicious products.

Add salads to all your meals. Start with breakfast, by consuming a raw food smoothie, with fresh fruit. Swap sugar which is a bad sweetener you have for raw agave or coconut sugar or organic jaggery as they are less processed and have more nutrients which are considered as a good sweetener. When following a raw food diet, you can add more nuts, seeds, and grains.


People on raw food diets report many positive effects such as having;

•     Stronger immune system

•     Increased energy levels

•     Improved health, energy and longevity

•     Improved weight loss control

Remember the importance of using organic produce so you do not add in toxins to your body and you can experience a true sense of well-being.



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