Why Should We Avoid Plastics?

Usage of plastics are very common nowadays in every homes, they are in numerous colours, shapes and price. We can afford plastic products from Rs. 5 and the range goes on. Plastic is versatile and consists wonderful qualities like strong, easy to carry, inexpensive, easily available, unbreakable, flexible also the widespread usage of plastics is causing unimaginable serious health risks and environmental problems. We should entertain usage of plastics only when suitable alternative doesn't exists or unavailable.

We all very well know “Plastic is harmful”, “Spoiling our Mother Earth”, “Dangerous”, “Life killing product”. But why do we say that? It is really an important content that everybody should understand and avoid plastics, because plastics are all around us everywhere. Now just look up around you and find, how usage of hazardous plastics are ruling us.


Three Plastics To Avoid


PVC - Polyvinyl chloride - THE POISON PLASTIC

PVC is used to make toys, shower curtains, wallpapers, building materials, household products etc..  highly invested in making children toys. From this it is crystal clear that every time you buy unsafe plastic toys to your children, you are indirectly feeding them poison which slowly kills your child. PVC has worse chemicals like lead, cadmium, dioxins, phthalates, vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride and organotins. Children put the toys in their mouth(toys made by these chemicals) and spend more time playing with PVC toys around. Hence they are intaking chemicals,dirt,dust from toys on daily basis. Its never late avoid cheap plastics, PVC Free toys, this is why our grandparents used wooden, clay handmade toys to save their children.

Do you know many corporates in this world have recognized the danger of PVC and turned PVC FREE, they are Apple; Kmart; Microsoft; Nike; Sears; Target; Wal-Mart. Research says.


Polystyrene containers - It takes AT LEAST 500 Years to DECOMPOSE

Polystyrene is no different from any other harmful chemicals, it has all the qualities to kill us slowly because Polystyrene is also around us, most quickly to remind you what is this material is “food served in thick plastics we normally find in our nearby favouritechaat shops, soda walla, even in temples”. Its simply like we pay money and get poison indirectly.

What happens when we add hot drinks, soups, food into polystyrene? Polystyrene food containers leach toxins when hot food is served into it, toxins and foods get mixed up well and cause high health risk to people.

It is not only because of poor quality of food we are getting attached with all expensive diseases, unknowingly or by our lethargicness we are affording expensive diseases. We can avoid by consuming food by these plastics, also suggest our food suppliers to avoid polystyrene containers and prefer better alternative than plastics.

Plastic is made from toxic chemical and petroleum, exclusively to human and animals. Plastic is not at all easy to recycle or decompose, it is a bad sign for our mother earth, also plastic is “down-cycled” into less useful type.



Bisphenol - A has owned a proud title “High Production Volume Hazardous Chemicals in World”. At least 3.6 million tonnes of BPA are used by manufacturers early. This toxic chemical is used primarily used to make plastics, such as water bottle, water cans, beverage cans, lists goes on.

BPA and BPS interfere with your body hormones and disrupts endocrine system , this develops big concerns like growth and development, metabolism, reproductive process and sexual reproduction, tissue function, thyroid, obesity, etc.. Hence it is better to find better alternatives to avoid BPA plastics in our daily life to lead healthy peace life.


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