Tips To Minimal Or Avoid Usage Of Plastics

Buy foods bulk, use reusable shopping bags

Avoid disposable utensils

Request no plastic wrap on your dry cleaning or newspaper

Replace plastic kitchenware with glass or ceramic alternatives

Store foods in fridge by using glass jars, or any alternatives

Use cloth shopping bags or quality paper bags

Carry your own reusable canteen and skip bottled water

Its better to carry your mug when you order coffee

Say, “No Straw” please

Buy compostable disposable tableware

Bring your own container for leftovers and takeout

Buy your own colourfull stylish shopping bag (non plastic bag) for shopping, dont forget to carry it whenever is necessary

Give up chewing gum, its made up of synthetic rubber aka plastic

Buy boxes instead of plastic bottles

Reuse containers for storing leftovers



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