Top 3 best and worst sweeteners


India is the largest consumer and the second largest producer of sugar in the world. Sugar industry is the second largest organized sector industry in the country.

From now and then sweet is always all time favourite of us. Without sweet our day is complete. somehow or other we take sweets in the form of sugar, jaggery, honey, sweeteners, etc.. Those days i heard my grandma saying they use jaggery or honey as their sweeteners, now a days varieties of sweeteners are seen in the market and it is also used in our kitchen. More the varieties of sweeteners come, its difficult to know which is best.

Research based on the sweeteners says many benefits and harms of it, therefore its in our hands to choose the right buy. In fact some doctors think we should regulate them like alcohol and its a common knowledge that too much of sweet is really bad for us.

Remember, at any point of time do not give up “Natural Sweetener”. Natural Sweetener is extracted from plants, fruits, vegetables (natural sources).




Organic Honey is Pure, unheated, unpasteurized, its most definitely unprocessed, its been used by humans for more than 10000 plus years. Raw local honey is absolutely perfect alternative for any sweetening agent, it can be added in tea, coffee, fresh juice, food, smoothie, muffins, some oatmeal with little honey are delicious.  Also raw honey contains many health benefits beyond sweetening. Organic Honey has antibacterial and anti inflammatory capacities, it maintains blood sugar level, it acts as best antioxidants.



2. Blackstrap Molasses

Organic Blackstrap molasses is good substitute for more sugary sweeteners like syrup, many cook use this in baking, add it to oatmeal or other hot cereals, used in ice creams to make it more delicious, added in baked dishes etc.. To increase or improve our overall nutrition it is always recommended to include blackstrap molasses in our diet. It contains high source of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium and Vitamin B6. Experts recommend consuming small quantity of blackstrap molasses regularly for improving mental focus, general body balance, health. 



Stevia is the safest dietary supplement and sugar substitute, stevia is a small green herb plant which produce best sweetener from its leaves. It has zero glycemic index,  contains no calories and carbohydrates this is why it is still called as perfect natural alternative to chemical sweeteners and sugar. The most wondering part is Stevia is 300 times sweeter than our kitchen sugar. Stevia has got number of health benefits it controls blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, in addition it is a non-carbohydrate glycoside compound. Stevia contains natural antioxidant that controls diabetes.  



Worst Sweetener


90% of population are consuming sugar everyday, from infant to adults which is one of the worst ingredient in the modern world. Added sugars contain more calories which has zero nutrients, essential fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals or any necessary nutritional fact a sweetener should contain. It is highly dangerous for your liver, a stepping stone to enter the world of diabetes, first reason to cause insulin resistance, also bad to your oral organs. Sugar is one of the major reason to get obesity, it may also cause cancer.

Early days about 100 years ago, human took sugar (a tbsp a day maximum) but now we take 7 tbsp a day(minimum) which is really an alarming factor. It is not easy to stop consuming sweet, we can always take a healthy alternative sweetener. Most important factor is we always carry a myth among us, more the white color is more pure sugar, but its actually not. Sugar is white because it is processed more, they aren't healthy. Sugar closer to natural state are richer than processed. Comparatively Organic Sugar is much healthier than the ones which is produced with chemical grade.



2. Aspartame

Aspartame is a common chemical sweetener used in diet soda and many other food substances on the market, aspartame dissolves into solution and therefore travel throughout the body and deposit within any tissue which does not breakdown within humans. The components of aspartame can lead to number of health issues. According to the researchers, Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar, only very small amount is recommended. Excess of aspartame leads to headache, migraines, cardiac arrest, obesity, Vision, sleep problems, Depression, Abdominal pains, etc..

You can keep yourself away from Aspartame by removing all sugar free products with aspartame from your diet, eat 75% of raw foods at every meal, exercise and get plenty of rest, keep drinking water, water, water. Water is the best replacement of any soda drinks sometime its even better than fresh juice.



Agave/fructose is the sap from agave plant, it is used as sweetener(alternate of sugar) included in many common foods. It is not different from any other worst sweetener, your health store may also stocks agave sweeteners so it is always best to keep them out of your cart. Agave causes many side effects it is worse than what you found in high fructose corn syrup.

Agave is the best and first opener for occurring many diseases, Diabetes patients are advised to keep you away from agave syrup or nectar(sweetener), excess amount of agave will lead to obesity, stomach problems, miscarriage, diabetics, cancer, brain problems, etc.. Hence it is always safe to choose natural sweetener or less processed sweetener.


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