Top 4 Health benefits of Organic Horse Gram



Horse Gram, The reddish brown legume is power packed with various health benefits. It is a healthy solution for a number of health problems as it contains vitamins, proteins and iron in abundant quantities. Organic Horse Gram helps in reduction of extra fat and it is the best supplement for people who are concentrating on weight loss plan. The rich combination of B-Complex vitamins and proteins, Organic Horse Gram cures and prevents arthritis and purify menstruation.

Horse Gram has the following health benefits :

1) Helps relieve menstrual problems

Women can consume horse gram water on a regular basis who are experiencing irregular periods and excessive bleeding. Take Horse Gram in the form of sprouts and soup will be good with meal. Consume one spoon of Organic Horse Gram powder to relieve pain during menstrual periods.

2) Eliminates kidney stones

High deposit of oxalates causes kidney stones. Kidney stones are painful and it is highly recommended to consumer low dosages of phosphorus and calcium. Soak 4 spoons of organic horse gram in approximately 1 cup of water overnight and then drink the water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Do the same process, drink the same water in evening too.

3) Keeps cold at bay

Horse gram keeps you away from cold conditions like running nose and sneezing. It has the ability to make the body ready for a hard time to fight cold.

4) Protects against diabetes

 Organic Raw horse gram seeds contain beneficial hyperglycemic properties which helps in the reduction of insulin. Horse gram has been a recommended food for diabetics.


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