Top 5 facts about Organic food

Make an organic start from today, march towards healthier & better life with the Organic food. The process of producing food products has a great impact not only on health aspects but also on the environment as well.

Nutrition, Safety and sustainability of food are top 3 concerns which arise at the time of selecting the food products from general stores or online stores, be it organic food product, natural food product, packaged food or conventional products. Does anybody know, what is the actual difference between organic and conventionally grown foods? Many people do not know the benefits of organic food products, even when they are available at retail stores or at organic product’s online stores for door delivery.

Organic is a term referred to the process of growing and handling the agricultural products. When a food product is labelled as organic certified, certain requirements have to be fulfilled like they must be sown over the soil which is not modified and must be very far away from the conventional products. The farmers producing the organic food products are not allowed to use any sort of pesticides, Genetically Modified Organism and petroleum based fertilizers.

 Some interesting facts about organic food when compared to the conventional food products.

 1. Unlike conventional food products the organic products do not contain harmful pesticides like herbicides, fungicides and insecticides or chemicals.

 2. Organic products are grown using natural fertilizers like vermicompost and manure. Insects and pests are controlled with the help of natural methods.

 3. Through organic methods like crop rotation, mulching, hand weeding and tilling, major weeds are naturally controlled.

 4. Since there is no use of preservatives or artificial colors added, organic food products are fresh and taste better than conventional food products.

 5. Organic food products are GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free.



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