Top 5 health benefits of Jaggery

Give up sweet and switch to a healthier alternative, Organic jaggery. Organic Jaggery is untreated and unrefined sugar which is obtained from raw sugar cane juice. Organic Jaggery is prepared by boiling sugar cane juice till it hardens and then give a block structure. Organic Jaggery is the healthy and closest substitute to normal white sugar. Organic Jaggery is available in powdered, solidified and liquefied form.

Know why it is good for your health:


1) Prevents Constipation

Organic Jaggery helps prevent and relieve constipation by helping good bowel movements. Organic Jaggery stimulates the digestive enzymes in the body and thus helps in proper digestion of food.  

2) Treats Anaemia - Iron deficiency 

Jaggery is also an excellent source of iron, which helps in the production of haemoglobin. Adding jaggery to your food or consuming a small amount of jaggery can actually fulfil your daily requirement of iron. Hence it lowers your chance of suffering from iron-deficiency anaemia.

3) Cleanses the liver

Eat a small piece of jaggery to effectively detox your body. It detoxifies your liver and flushes out harmful toxins from your body.

4) Treats flu-like symptoms

A cough and cold, bloating and migraine and water retention is some of the minor health problems that most of us experience on an everyday basis. Jaggery helps to fight these symptoms by mixing it with warm water and drinking or use it as a substitute for sugar in your tea to reap its benefits.

5) Increases immunity

 The immune system fights infections and keeps us healthy. Organic Jaggery will boost resistance against infections because it is power packed with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium.


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