Top 5 ways to stay healthy and social

1) Buy Local - Try to shop at your local farmers markets or sign up for a Farmer supported online market. Buying local food ensures that your local farmer’s business is in shape, promotes plant diversity and is the freshest possible option.

2) Buy Organic – If you have the source, always try to opt for organic! By doing so, you’re not only getting healthy supplements but also you are standing against paying into a system that mistreats the planet with synthetic chemicals.

3) Buy in Bulk – Try shopping in bulk at your grocery store. It’s a great way to save money and packaging for things like staples and flours.

4) Stop buying bottled water - Buy a water bottle of your choice and fill it up whenever it goes empty. Eventually you will be saving money and reducing all that plastic which pollutes.

5) Enjoy it – Fresh, good, healthy, sustainable food is to be shared with close friends and relatives. Try to organize weekly potlucks with neighbours. This will help you get social and try new foods.



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