Top reasons to choose organic herbal cosmetics


Choosing Organic is safe that is the only mantra by many people now, it was not easily said by them it is possible only through their experiences by using organic cosmetics.

Both Men and Women want to look and feel good, but we never wanted to use toxic chemicals that is harmful to our skin just for the sake of beauty. Hence it is recommended to choose Natural Organic products, because you are worth it for every penny you spend. Treat yourself with the best products.

Organic Natural products are better for your health and that works better on your skin, because organic products you apply on your skin ultimately ends up in your body. Organic cosmetics are 100% vegan, gluten free, free from SLS/SLES and Parabens, so its sure that you will feel confident as you don't take any toxic chemicals on your skin.


Eco Friendly

Non Organic herbal Beauty products use petroleum based ingredients like aluminium, petroleum, lead and other alarming chemicals to produce their products. These are taken from destroying rainforest, ,miles of land, etc.. Research has clearly explained choosing aluminium free products will prevent exposure to many dangerous compounds, especially deodorants with aluminium filled is closely connected with Breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, skin cancer, etc.

To avoid bad chemicals

Non Organic herbal products may be effective for improving appearance and cost cheaper with attractive packs but it can be possible only if the product is filled with very cheap toxic ingredients like Parabens, Phthalates, Mercury, Mineral Oil, Sodium Lauryl (ether) Sulfate, etc.. By using these non organic herbal products your skin will turn harsh, dry, affected with red patches, sometime it leads to worst incurable skin allergies, skin cancer.

Nutrients Rich Skin

Organic Cosmetics contains all healthy ayurvedic ingredients which keeps your skin fresh, healthy and glowing. One of the basic rule to remember when you buy make up cosmetics or beauty product is “If you can't eat it don't wear it”.

Which actually means your product should contain grapes, pomegranate seeds, strawberry, apricots, badam, tea extracts, cocoa butter, nutrients rich oils, herbal extracts, ayurvedic combinations, many more will fall in this in queue. This keeps you away from premature ageing, skin tightening, allergies and cancer.


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