Why Organic Garden is For You - Absolute reasons

It's everywhere around the world “Save Trees, Save Earth”, “Grow Trees”, “Plant a Tree”, slogans are rising up and equally actions are also taking care. Many newspapers say A Popular man or women planted these many trees or joined hands with NGO to save trees all seemingly valid. But why only trees have to be saved??? Is it not necessary to start up our own garden to save our family ?? Growing your own food should be the biggest priority for you and family, I have heard many saying “It's too risky”,”We should undergo all graduates to learn gardening”, “There is no authentic garden need suppliers”, etc…

It's all myth, it's easy and as simple as that, many stores provide “Organic Garden Kit”. All you have to do is just buy and place it in your home, follow the instructions given. Your organic food garden is simply ready, if it is so simple well, you won't need a grocery store anymore !! SAVE MONEY, SAVE YOU, YOUR FAMILY, SAVE EARTH.

1. Easy To Start

First misunderstanding among many of us is, starting an own organic garden is hard. Finding the suitable soil, potting mix, organic compost, organic seeds, is not easy. But never, let's throw off those misconception it is easily available. Once you find the authentic garden needs and plant it, you will fall in love with it. You don't need all big equipment to start a garden, you can even make it with your leftover tools at home. possibilities are endless, it's easy to start.


2. Healthy and Enjoyable

Did you know that organic gardening can relieve stress? When you spend time with your garden, which is free from chemical, you will absolutely feel the freshness of leaves, vegetables it's a great stress reliever. By this you inhale fresh air, eat fresh nonchemical food, which leads to healthy and enjoyable life. Do you know when little kids play around in dirt and mud it actually strengthens and boosts their immune system? So then why wait, bring your kids, do home gardening which provides you all tons of health benefits.

3.  Knowledge is Priceless

Farming is an outdated practice?? Never, the world cannot exist without farming. Many are returning back to the natural way of living and feeding themselves with their own produce. It is absolutely important to know how to grow your food and find your own food. while managing garden you will learn time management, responsibility, dedication, hard work, confidence, creativity and much more from organic home gardening.

4. Preparation for the unexpected

Food very often travels 1000s of miles to reach us near local supermarkets, our home. What if these don't reach us on time, whenever we required, the reason could be natural disasters, economic problem, etc. We are becoming dependent on grocery stores, factories. If we have our own garden, possibilities are more to avoid unexpected disasters.

5. Become Independent and Self-Sufficient


You can call yourself independent if you grow your own garden and practice because you are not relying on anybody. Food and water shortages are serious problems, we have to thanks to genetically modified foods, it's becoming more difficult to know what we eat is dangerous and damaging our health. To avoid this genetically modified food it's always wise to choose organic food.

6. Live in a Greener World

More trees we plant, more gardens we start, our world will become the greener place. Imagine how fantastic it would be !! If we are self-sufficient we no longer need trucks, auto rickshaws to travel miles delivering food, hence saving fuel, no pollution. Need not worry about price rise of vegetables, we will get fresh foods from our own garden readily available, healthy and tasty, need not worry that “Are we eating most dangerous genetically modified food”.

7. Eat and Live Healthier

A Big No to conventional and GMO foods rather choose organic foods and save you and your family. It’s not organic foods are costly, it's like why junk foods are so cheap? When you own your own food garden and control it without using harmful chemicals so you know for sure that is safe to eat. Naturally, when fresh foods are available at your home, you will eat only fresh safe food which is healthier. Stay healthy, stay fit “Go Organic”.

8.  Be Proud

When you create or build something from scratch till the end, isn't it great ?? Same way you are feeding your family with 100% guaranteed safe foods made by you, isn't it something extraordinary?? Seeing your garden growing is like seeing your child growing, that pleasure it has got! you can literally watch a life happening before your eyes. It's amazing!

9. Involve your Kids and Family


Organic gardening is totally fun and healthy, it's a fact that children have to play in mud that boost so much of immune in their body system. Utilize your weekends with your kids at your home garden no matter it is small or big, being with family is always fun. with organic garden is double fun.

10. Lawn is useless


 Its really tough to break this mind “Having Lawn is great” yeah it is, but truly useless. We can utilize those space to grow your organic garden. Why should we spend lakhs and crores to create and maintain an artificial lawn, better to go organic garden which hardly costs few hundreds and thousands? Spend money and time on fruitful food garden, turn your useless lawn into the useful food garden.

11. No Space, No Problem


People living in apartments and in hot of the city where no space to even park your vehicle, often say “we wanted a garden but no space”. You know what, we can reuse water bottles to grow plants. Organic home or terrace garden doesn't require so much of space. It can grow indoor, outdoor, by hanging, at kitchens. Limited sunlight and limited water are required. Don’t think you need to buy 2400 sqft of land to start your garden. You can adjust it according to your needs and your place you live.

12. Live in abundance


Your small garden can feed your family immediately, initially limited later it is abundance. You will end up giving your neighbors, relatives proudly saying “Made from my home”. If you feel like you can even sell it “Organic Vegetables”, “Organic Fruits”. There are many communities all over the world, turning their lawns into an organic garden. It's never late, it's the right time to start your own produce own healthy organic garden.

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